I'm JoAnn Ross, and as your singing teacher, I will enjoy providing you with training in all the singing skills you need to become a good singer.  My unique background, as a singer and 'cellist, and my scientific and medical training and experience, provide you with a complete approach to singing that covers the singing, musical, performance and learning skills you need to sing well.

I teach cello lessons in person in my large garden areas as well as on-line using the Zoom Platform.  I maintain a 13' distance which is safe for cello lessons.  You can choose to bring your own chair and stand or use those that I provide, which have been wiped clean between lessons.   If you are interested in cello lessons please visit my cello site at www.celloantics.com


Although due to the COVID virus I am unable to teach singing in person (minimum safe distance for singing lessons is 23' ), I currently use the Zoom platform to teach singing and have found that students can make good progress.


What's Involved?

I love helping students explore their voices and experience the joy of singing  .I continue to search for the best resources to make your voice lessons fun and interesting, translating the science to help you learn.

  • Sing songs in a comfortable, enjoyable way
  • Share songs with others
  • Develop a greater appreciation and understanding of music
  • Increase your body awareness
  • Improve your speech habits
  • Develop friendships with other musicians
  • Increase self confidence
  • Learn how to give yourself positive feedback and reduce negative self-talk
  • Learn how to set goals and develop an approach and the discipline to achieve them.

Your on-line Voice Lessons Will Explore How to:

How Your Voice Lesson will Help You

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Carmichael Singing and CelloTeacher - JoAnn Ross 

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Learning new habits of singing is a physical and a mental endeavor, and involves your investment of regular, slow, thoughtful practice, over time.  Voice lessons  involve developing three integrated skill sets including:

  • musical skills which reflect the style of the song and engage your listener,
  • singing skills to coordinate your body in singing,  
  • practice, learning and performance skills.

"She was absolutely spectacular, and I was very intrigued by her and her teaching style. I can’t wait to see her again, and just soak up everything she offers me!!!! Thank you, and it was most astonishing experience!
                                                           Eddy Y."

"JoAnn is an amazing and helpful teacher I can only recommend!  I started my lessons with JoAnn about a year ago as a totally beginner! I was incredibly nervous since I never really sung in front of other people besides my family and some friends! JoAnn showed me right away that I didn’t have to be! She is a great teacher with amazing tips, calm and patient and with her help I learned a lot within only one year! Every lesson I took so far was totally helpful and definitely fun! I can only recommend her!
                                               By Sandra H."