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Musical Skills You Will Learn at Your Singing  Lessons

All styles of music have roots.  Classical singing, for example, grew out of 17th century Italy. 
As a result its strengths are clean crisp vowels and consonants, and the ability to fill a hall with no amplification. 

R&B finds its roots in the gospel singing of post-civil war African-American churches.   In addition  many forms of pop music combine harmonies and intricate  rhythms from South and Central America, Cuba, Africa and other parts of the world. 

Musical Theater “grew up” on Broadway reflecting the brighter and brassier dialects of the region and songs serve to embellish the sentiments of spoken dialogue.  

Musical skills are what make an artist sound authentic and expressive.

As your voice teacher, I will help you develop the following musical skills:

  • Singing a musical line that expresses the feeling of the song
  • Reading musical notation
  • Pronunciation - managing dialects
  • Mastering Rhythm - including syncopation
  • Understanding the musical roots of the songs you want to sing
  • Singing as an expression of songs,'words and harmony
  • Understanding musical styles
  • Singing with a backup track (chords and rhythm only)

During your virtual voice lessons you may study several styles of music including:

  • Classical
  • Musical Theater
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Basic rock, pop and R&B