60 minute weekly voice lessons

  • Lesson Fees are $40 per 60 minute lesson, paid monthly.   Lessons paid weekly are $45 per lesson.  Lesson payment can be made by cash or check or credit card. 
  • Missed voice lessons should be rescheduled within a 2 week period following the absence. 
  • Student agrees to give notice of cancellation  of 24 hours prior to the lesson whenever possible.   I reserve the right to charge for missed lessons for which adequate notice was not given.
  • Late arrival to a lesson may result in a shorter lesson.

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  • Normally students will be encouraged to  participate in 2-4 recitals and public performances annually, for which their may be a small additional cost, however, during the corona virus separation, we will do this online for each other if students would like to.  We can do this with a group lesson.

Sheet Music.

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Carmichael Singing Lessons - Studio Policies

Student Performances

Carmichael Singing and CelloTeacher - JoAnn Ross 

916-285-5101 -  joann@like2sing.com


  • Students are responsible for providing a copy for the teacher of the sheet music of the song they will be studying.

Weekly Voice Lessons