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Carmichael Singing and CelloTeacher - JoAnn Ross 

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Singing Skills We'll Explore At Your Voice Lessons

"Great teacher!

Jo Ann is a wonderful teacher. She is very knowledgeable, patient, responsive to the needs of the students, and provides excellent explanations. I started taking lessons with her as a complete beginner and, with her help, learn to understand the features of my voice and the mechanics of voice production. Also, it is very fun to work with he

                                                             Anna R"

Using the on-line Zoom platform, we'll work on a full range of singing skills including; coordinatingbreathing, and shaping your throat, tongue and mouth to enhance your singing and form words. There are lots of ways to use your instrument -  but some produce better results, are more sustainable (fewer injuries), and each musical style benefits from a unique combination of skills.

We'll also explore how your body works, and help you develop more awareness and control so that you'll sing better using a variety of  tone color, dynamics and clear pronunciation. As your voice teacher I will patiently translate the science of singing so that you understand what’s happening where, how it affects your singing and how you to manage it.

During your voice lessons I will help you master the following important skills:

  • Applied anatomy, physiology and acoustics of singing
  • Articulation (pronunciation)
  • Breath management
  • Consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) joins
  • Twang
  • Pitch matching/Improving Intonation
  • Resonance strategies
  • Register development - vocal fry, chest, (mixed), head, whistle
  • Tone quality
  • Turning over to manage men's upper range
  • Volume control
  • Vibrato
  • Vocal onsets and offsets
  • Voice coloring