You'll want to be relaxed and comfortable at your singing lessons.  I have set up my  singing  studio to provide you with everything you need to get the most out of your lessons.

The studio:

  • A large, quiet room with comfortable seating for parents that want to stay
  • Natural daylight during the day, with adjustable lighting for reading music -  day or evening
  • A combination of hardwood floors and carpets to create good acoustics
  • Plants and artwork, plus a lovely garden view to help you relax.

Singing and music supplies:

  • A keyboard for accompaniment and  reference when learning about music theory
  • Adjustable music stands
  • Professional microphone
  • A varied  library of songs in many keys from which to select
  • Access to books about singing and other music topics
  • Audio and video recording of singers
  • White boards for writing down key concepts
  • Handouts on many singing related topics
  • Access to a printer if needed
  • Access to a computer for internet searches
  • Ability to record your lessons and send the recording home with you.

Carmichael Singing and CelloTeacher - JoAnn Ross 

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Relaxing garden view - comfortable seating for parents

Well-equipped, spacious singing studio .

You'll Love my Private Carmichael Voice Studio: